Hankyu REIT

  R1(K) HEP Five

Name HEP Five (Hankyu Five Building)
Location 5-15, Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
Lot area 5,596.11m2
Total floor area 45,266.96m2
Leasable area 6,337.37m2 (2,958.94m2)
Number of floors 10 floors, 3 underground levels
Completion date November 1998
(Note 1) 

14% of the property's trust beneficiary interest is quasi co-owned by Hankyu REIT, Inc., and 86% by Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp. With respect to the leasable area, the area equivalent to the percentage of the Hankyu REIT's trust beneficiary interest in the property is listed.
(Note 2)  With respect to the lot and total floor areas, the entire areas of the property are listed.
(Note 3)  The figures in parentheses of the leasable area indicate the area leasable for end-tenants.

Located in the Umeda area - the largest rail terminal in western Japan
Umeda area is the largest rail terminal in western Japan, serving the JR, Hankyu, Hanshin, and Osaka City Subway lines. It is the most competitive area in terms of the number of stores, annual sales, and floor space. The property is adjacent to Hankyu Department Store and Hankyu-sanbangai, and is located in a heavy market area with HEP Navio to the south, and EST to the north.
HEP Five receives about 14 million visitors annually (2016), making it one of the most visited fashion boutique buildings in the Osaka urban region.
Entertainment retail-use facility with a rooftop Ferris wheel
HEP Five has a red rooftop Ferris wheel that is 75m in diameter (the highest point of the Ferris wheel is 106m, including the height of the building). It has become a landmark in the Umeda area. Inside the building is an artwork, namely a huge red whale that has become young people's rendezvous point.
The core customers at HEP Five are young people, mostly female, from high school age to their early twenties. It houses mostly fashion retail shops that cater to young consumers, with restaurants, an event hall, and amusement facilities (such as Joypolis and the Ferris wheel).
HEP Five received assessment of "four stars" of DBJ Green Building Certification from Development Bank of Japan in June, 2015. (Please refer to the following for the announcement made by DBJ and details of the Program.
DBJ's website: http://igb.jp/en/list.html)


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