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Yoshiaki Shiraki Executive Director, Hankyu REIT, Inc. President and Representative Director, Hankyu REIT Asset Management, Inc.

To All Readers:

Hankyu REIT is implementing continued growth and enhancement of distributions.

On July 1, we acquired KOHYO Onohara Store, which is located in Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture.
The Property is a community-based retail facility developed by Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd., which is one of the companies of the sponsor group, and houses tenants rooted in everyday life, such as a supermarket and a 100-yen shop.
The decision to acquire the Property was made not only in light of the property specifications in terms of facilities and equipment, but also the portfolio quality enhancing points, such as the location being an area where the population is on the rise and the stable rent based on long-term agreements with the tenants.
The acquisition was made directly from a reliable sponsor, allowing us to achieve external growth even amid the intensifying competition over property acquisitions.
In addition, it compensates the decrease in stable lease operating income resulting from the transfer of two properties that was implemented in April, and thereby contributes to also maintaining and enhancing distributions in a sustainable manner.

The financial results for the 22nd fiscal period (fiscal period ended May 2016) were announced on July 15. The distribution per unit declared was 2,775 yen. The distribution per unit forecast for the 23rd fiscal period (fiscal period ending November 2016) is 2,620 yen.

Sustainable growth will continue to be pursued.
Your ongoing support of Hankyu REIT is greatly appreciated.

July 2016